Building Muscle for Golf

Building Muscle for Golf

While golf seems like a quiet, relaxed game that’s not too demanding on the muscles of your body, you might be surprised to learn that it’s anything but that. In fact, golf is a game that uses many different muscle groups.

Playing golf uses muscles from your upper to your lower body. It calls for players to use their chest or prectoralis muscles. But you also use your forearms as well as your back and core muscles.

Your gluteus maximus or butt muscles are instrumental in helping your golf performance, too. It might not seem like it, but it’s these muscles that will help the most in improving your golf swing and help you gain distance with your shots.

That’s because these muscles are responsible for your posture and the way that you move your hips during play. Your chest and back muscles are the ones used that influence the way that you swing the clubs and whether or not your swing plane stays intact so the ball goes in the direction you want it to.

When you play golf, as you swing, your body does a rotating movement. This rotating movement is what gives the players power. You’ll want strong core muscles, because these muscles are not only your stabilizer, but they also work as your conduits.

They’re what transfers the motion from the bottom of your body into your torso and back. A lot of people think that playing golf is successful or unsuccessful based on how built someone’s arm muscles are.

While it’s true that you do need some muscle mass in the forearms to help you with your game, your forearms can only pass on the power from your body to put it into the swing.

So if you have weak muscles in the core area or in your gluteus maximus, then that weakness will show up in your swing. Your forearms can’t compensate for weak muscles somewhere else in the body, and in fact, relying too much on your arms would ruin your game anyway.

You’ll want to build muscle in your chest using bench presses with barbells or dumbbells as well as using pushups. To build muscle in the forearms, use a farmer’s carry using dumbbells.

You can also do the farmer’s carry with kettlebells. Engage in towel pull-up repetitions and also wrist curls. Building muscle in your back means you’ll need to use a routine that calls for you to use barbell deadlifts, chin ups, cable rows, V-bar pulldown and a weight shrug using dumbbells.

These exercises build the trapezius as well as the latissimus dorsi. When you need to build your core muscles, you’ll want to perform exercises such as push-ups, hip lifts, plank exercises, squats and lunges.

Building the butt muscles means you’ll need to do lunges, squats and step-ups. Doing these exercises will help your golf game because you’ll be able to rotate your hips with more power and have that power transfer from the core muscles into the forearms. You’ll also gain a better sense of balance.

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